Women - Soul Sisters

Through various mission projects, get-togethers and an annual retreat, the women of LTC stay connected to each other while reaching out to those new in our church. 

Each year, our Soul Sisters hold events and missions days, including:

Ladies Brunch

Fall Retreat

Inside Out Missions Day

Events that vary such as Favorite Things Basket Party, Christmas Cookie Swap, New Year Bonfire, etc.

We also have womens small groups that meet weekly. View groups and register >>

Contact Soul Sister leaders, Tammy Owens or Sarah Whitfield, to find out more about our group and events.

Men - Band of Brothers

Iron sharpens iron. Men are constantly under attack in our society. Oftentimes, as the man goes, so goes the home. Get connected to this growing ministry for men whether in the form of joining an accountability group, attending a Promise Keepers Conference or just watching the Super Bowl together.

Each year, our Band of Brothers host 4 major events with several other events in between:
BoB Retreat - Late Winter
BoB Shootout - Summer
Epic Men's Event - Early Fall
BoB Bon Fire - Late Fall/Early Winter

We also have mens small groups that meet weekly. View groups and register >>

If you have any questions about Band of Brothers, please contact Jared Owens at