Elexio Mobile App Set-Up

Giving from the Elexio Mobile App makes giving convenient for you right from your phone.  Watch the video below as you follow 4 basic steps to set-up Mobile App giving:

  1. Download the Elexio App from your App Store (either Apple or Google)
  2. Enter your email from which you receive regular emails from the church in the Username blank.  Click 'Forgot Password.'  Go to your email and copy the temporary password from the email to the password blank on the App Login screen.  (NOTE: In the video I pasted the temporary password into the Login screen, but the video does not display the password.)  You can go back and set a permanent password later.
  3. Once you are signed in to the Elexio App, click the 'Give' icon (card) in the green banner.
  4. Enter your gift amount, payment method, select the fund to which you wish to contribute, enter any comments you wish (tithe, Marriage4Life, ballcap from LTC Store, etc), and select frequency (One Time or Recurring Gift).