Online Giving FAQ's

Is my giving information secure?

Absolutely. All personal financial information is stored with the highest level of bank security. In addition, your phone or email will never be sold, traded, or made available to 3rd party institutions. 

What Payment Methods do you Accept?

We accept Bank Account (ACH) and credit/debit cards. Giving via Bank Account is preferred as our processing fees are deeply discounted - allowing more of your gift to go towards ministry. 

Do I need to Create an Account?

No. That said, if you give regularly, we recommend you Create an Account and Sign In prior to giving. This will allow you to view giving history and create/manage recurring donations. 

How do I update my Payment Method?

Sign-In and hover over the circle icon at the top right with your initials (screenshot). Select "My Account > Payment Methods." Click the "Pencil" icon to edit an existing payment method. See our printed instructions for a detailed walk-through.

Will I Receive a Receipt When I Give Online?

Yes. You will be emailed a donation receipt each time you give. In addition, we will provide a statement of all your Giving History every January. 

Is there a minimum or maximum I can give online?

No. That said, for gifts over $5000, we recommend you contact us to ensure your gift is processed in a timely fashion. (Our internal giving security can flag large donations for security reasons).

Help! I can't change my recurring donation payment method!

To change the payment method for a recurring gift, you must first Add a New Payment Method, associate it with your recurring gift, then you may remove or delete the former payment method previously associated with your gift.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and Contact Us! We'd be happy to help!