JUNE 29, 2020

Currently our Sunday morning services are at 8:15 am; 9:45 am; and 11:15 am.  We still encourage you to re-enter at your own comfort level.

We remind you to continue to be sensitive to all of our attendees. Some are attending with the belief that all will maintain social distancing. The first week or two every one did well. Please continue to follow guidelines in keeping the distance. Things are not normal!

Respecting the guidelines of the state of Florida, we will maintain respective capacity levels by spacing out chairs.  Doors will open ten minutes prior to each service so that we can properly sanitize between services.  

We will continue to use the Dining Hall and Kids Building for overflow. The spacing in the sanctuary and Dining Hall have made a good option for families that gather on Sunday. We welcome you to use these. 

Naturally, some folks may not be ready to test the waters or, in some cases, prefer to stay home... we understand.  In fact, if you are at high risk or remotely suspect that you are symptomatic, please stay home.  The services will also be on Facebook Live and YouTube.  We are happy to have you worship with us via the internet as well.

Thanks for being patient with us as we continue to weekly evaluate the current COVID updates and adapt our gatherings accordingly.  We apologize in advance for any frustration this may cause.  

Pray hard,

Pastor Norm