CPR Homework

The Gospel Truth: A Study in Luke - Tribute
September 24, 2017

Luke 20:19-26
Read the parable preceding our main passage above. Summarize it as best you can.

Explain why the scribes and chief priests wanted to “lay hands” on Jesus.

What did they fear about the people?

They wanted Jesus dead. What was the hold-up? Didn’t they have the power?

Why do you suppose the scribes and chief priests were losing followers to Jesus?

How did John the Baptist deal with the issue of losing followers to Jesus? Why do you suppose?

What role does hate play in murder?

How was pride a key component in the killing of Jesus?

How was their hypocrisy blatantly obvious?

How did their insincerity betray their motives and character?

In your opinion, what was their problem with authority?

What did they “know” about Jesus (v.21) from their own words? What did this mean?

Did they really believe it? Why or why not?

What was a tribute? Should that be expected from any government?

Why was this the question (22) that was going to take Jesus down? (in their minds)

How was Jesus able to see right through their scheme?

Explain the meaning and effectiveness of Jesus’ reply (24-25).

What belongs to God? How do men give tribute to God?

Jesus hoped for repentance. Instead he got ___________.

In what ways do men honor one another today? Then why do we have such a problem in giving honor and glory to God?

*Name all the sins the scribes and chief priests committed throughout the process of trying to take Jesus down.