CPR Homework

The Gospel Truth: A Study in Luke - Do Your Job
August 6, 2017

Luke 17:1-10
Who is Jesus speaking to?

What jumps out to you in verse 1?

How do we cause others to sin or can we?

What is our responsibility as Christians according to the first few verses?

Who are the “little ones”?

When it comes to temptation and sin how are we to handle ourselves, our brothers?

Explain the purpose of each: rebuke, repent, forgive. How important are these to the Christian life and unity in the church body?

How often and when are we to forgive? Why?

Explain the meaning within context of verses 5-6.

What does this have to do with relationships?

There is more of a need of restoring and maintaining relationships than a lot of other things we desire. —-Explain why that is true.

How much faith does it take to do what God wants you to do?

Explain the believer’s call to duty with the following passage and verses:

What kind of attitude should we have as we do our job?

Why should you serve the Lord so selflessly?

What does it mean to “keep your head down and do your job?”

What does it mean that “every task is important?”

What does Serve1 Worship1 mean?

How can you personally serve Christ through His church better?

How does Colosssians 3:23 go along with this study?

What was the purpose for Jesus teaching all this to his disciples?