CPR Homework

Daniel: Epic Fail
May 6, 2018

Daniel 2
What are the authenticity issues of Daniel as a book of the Bible?

Why are they an issue?

How can they be answered?

Why is chapter two of Daniel one of the most important passages in the Bible?

What does chapter 2 of Daniel have to do with Jesus?

How would you describe the sovereignty of God to a non-believer?

How is it one of the most important and helpful doctrines in all of Christianity?

People suffer when we do stupid things. How are others blessed or benefited when we do godly things?

Give some examples of others being blessed by acts of love by believers.

Describe the Dream in chapter 2.
Explain the interpretation as best you can.

Who or what is the stone in the dream?

No image can stand up to this rock. What does that mean to the dream?

What does that mean in our every day lives?

Describe the “ten toes” in the dream. What do you make of them and future developments?

What is the relevance and significance of verse 44?

How sure is all this according to Daniel’s interpretation?

What is Nebuchadnezzar’s response?

Not only is God the God of gods, according to the king’s testimony he is also ______________?

What can get lost in all of this was the faithfulness of Daniel to go before the king. How was he treated afterwards?

Who else was blessed?

Sometimes God speaks to us in some crazy situations. Are you listening?

In what ways has God already blown you away? Are you ready for the next big thing?

From Dan.2:46-49 What do we learn about worship?

From Daniel 3:1-7 and in consideration of the last few verses from chapter 2 what do we learn from Nebuchadnezzar further about worship?

How can we avoid pitfalls?

How does one go from epically getting it all right to epic failure?

What role do feelings play in our spiritual walk? What role should they play?

What failure could feasibly define you if you allowed it?

What actions steps could you take today?